Q: What is Paydunk?
A: Everyone knows the process of paying with a bank card in a retail store, swipe card, enter pin and hit OK. Paydunk takes this simple and familiar process and brings it to mobile checkout. Simply enter the items you wish to purchase from a website into the shopping cart. When it comes time to pay hit the Paydunk button, enter your pin and confirm with OK on your phone. Six simple touches without using a tiny keyboard.

Q: How do I get Paydunk onto my phone, tablet, or computer?
A: Paydunk will be available for download via Apple Store and Google Play.

Q: Is the Paydunk app FREE?
A: Yes Paydunk will be free to download and use on your phone.

Q: What are the benefits to using Paydunk?

  • Paydunk will provide the customer with a fast checkout. (6 touches or less)
  • Paydunk stores your personal and financial information encrypted on your phone, in an online account or on a server, never in a cloud.
  • Paydunk uses encryption and token technology to send the information to the website keeping all of your information out of the hands of retailers and data companies.
  • Paydunk takes the ease of the in store experience (swipe your card, enter 4 digit pin, and confirm) and brings it to online shopping (click Paydunk button, enter 4 digit pin, and confirm).
  • No typing on a tiny keyboard.

Q: Is Paydunk a mobile wallet?
A: NO. Paydunk’s mission is to create a fast, familiar, and easy way to pay online, whereas a mobile wallet’s focus is to change the way people pay in physical store.

Q: With all the recent cloud and company security breaches and cyber hacks how secure is my information with Paydunk?
A: With Paydunk you are in complete control of your information. Neither Paydunk, nor the websites where you use Paydunk, ever see your personal information. Once you add your personal and financial information into the Paydunk app the information is stored, encrypted and locked on your phone. Paydunk uses all of the latest end to end encryption software and token technology to pass your information to the retailer where it is received by their merchant processing software. This information is used one time to make your purchase and is never stored by the retailer. Paydunk protects your personal and financial information, with a minimum of three pass parameters (phone, pin, and encryption key). Paydunk does not store your information in an online account, on the cloud, or in a vault guarded by Ninjas.

Q: Do I have to load Paydunk on all of my devices? (Phone, Desktop Computer and Tablet)
A: No. Paydunk is only loaded on your mobile phone. You can check out with Paydunk on any device anywhere in the world as long as you have your phone with you to confirm the charge.

Q: How does Paydunk work on a device where you don’t have the app loaded?
A: Paydunk is linked to your mobile phone device ID (your phone number). If you are on a desktop computer or tablet and you select the Paydunk button to checkout you simply enter your phone number and pin on the site. The Paydunk app will awaken on your phone for you to confirm the payment by selecting OK. If you are returning to a site where you have used Paydunk before you will only have to select the Paydunk button, enter your pin and select OK on your phone.

Q: Will I be able to change the shipping address if I am sending someone a gift?
A: Yes during the checkout process there will be an option to change the shipping address and credit card you wish to use.

Q: Do I have to give Paydunk my personal or financial information?
A: No. Paydunk fully supports your privacy and does not have access to your personal information nor do any of the websites where you use Paydunk. You load your information into the Paydunk app where it is stored encrypted locally on your phone. This provides you with a safe, secure and private transaction.

Q: How do I sign up for Paydunk?
A: Simply download the Paydunk app from the App Store or Google Play and begin. Paydunk uses the latest scanning technology to quickly import your personal and financial information. You will be setup and ready to go in just minutes.

Q: I forgot my PIN, what do I do?
A: Paydunk uses security questions to allow you to reset your pin locally.

Q: What do I do if my account is locked?
A: For your safety and protection and to prevent unauthorized payments, your account may be temporarily locked if suspicious behavior is detected. You will be asked to answer a security question on your phone before Paydunk will be unlocked and available again for payment.